Latest Releases

Live Scratcher

A device for emulating a DJ scratching sound.

Video Scratcher

Video Scratcher

A device for chopping and looping short video clips in Ableton Live.

Clown Horns Instrument

Clown Horns

Multi-sampled clown horns for Ableton Live Sampler instrument.

Dubby 2

Dubby 2

Dubby 2 (Standalone) – v2.1.1 Update

Remix Decks 2

Remix Decks 2

MIDI Controller for TouchOSC & Traktor

Korg Minilogue Controller v2.1

Korg Minilogue Controller

Minilogue Controller for Max4Live – v2.1 Update

About Me

I make audio software devices to assist fellow DJs, musicians and producers. 

These include:

Here you’ll find downloads of everything I’ve ever created (including links to my own mixes, music and experiments with A/V), all of it made made using a combination of a computer, my ageing brain and various bodily appendages / internal organs.

Almost everything shared here is free so if you like what I do, then please feel free to donate through PayPal or buy me a coffee!

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