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Scratch Samples

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‘Ahhh’ & ‘Fresssh’ Scratches

Appearing originally at the end of ‘Change The Beat’ by Fab 5 Freddy and now considered public domain, these are the basic tools of a scratch DJ. In the film, “Scratch” by Doug Pray, DJ Q-Bert mentions that using these sounds is the best way of judging of a DJ’s skills, comparing their use to a guitarist playing a plain acoustic guitar.

Download the samples using the links to the left, drop them in Traktor / Serato and have fun!

FX Samples

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Dub Siren Samples

A collection of dub siren samples, all made with the Dubby 2 audio app / Max for Live device.

Instrument Samples

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Electric Guitar Power Chords

A collection of electric guitar power chords, each sustained for around 10 seconds and playing chromatically from E1 to E2. Many thanks to Heavy Chris for providing these.