TouchFX – TouchOSC Effects Controller for Traktor

TouchFX is a dedicated FX controller for Traktor Pro 3, allowing complete control over each of Traktor’s four FX Units. Large controls make it ideal for live use.


  • Full control of all four FX Units.
  • Easily swap between Single / Group FX.
  • Switchable 3×3 Grid, ideal for beat juggling/slicing.
  • Switchable XY Pad for controlling 2 effects at once.
  • Large controls, ideal for live use.
  • Choose between ‘Toggle’ or ‘Hold’ behaviours for FX On/Off buttons.


The unzipped download contains two files: the layout for TouchOSC (TouchFX.tosc) and the mapping for Traktor (TouchFX.tsi). You need to load the .tosc / layout file into TouchOSC and the .tsi / mapping file into Traktor.

1. Loading the .tosc Layout File:

You’ll first need to transfer the layout from your computer into TouchOSC on your iOS / Android device. There are several different ways to do this depending on which combination of hardware you have (i.e., Windows & Android device, Windows & iOS device, MacOS & iOS device, and MacOS & Android device). Please refer to the relevant article below to transfer the layout directly from your computer to your iOS / Android device:

PC / Mac to iOS device – instructions here.
PC / Mac to Android device – instructions here.

However, perhaps the simplest method of transferring the layout to your device (and the one that works the same way across all devices and operating systems) is by using the ‘TouchOSC for Desktop’ app. It’s available to buy from the Hexler website. There’s also a free trial version of the desktop app available for Mac and Windows.

To transfer the layout using this method, first ensure that your computer and device are both on the same WiFi network. Next, load the layout in the TouchOSC for Desktop app, click the ‘Editor Network’ button (the WiFi icon) and enable the ‘Server’ connection. Then on your device, tap the ‘Editor Network’ button (WiFi icon), select ‘Client’ and you should see your computer listed in the ‘Available Servers’ section. Tap ‘Connect’ and the layout should be transferred automatically to your device. You can now save the layout through TouchOSC on your tablet/device for future use.

2. Loading the .tsi Mapping File and Connecting TouchOSC to Traktor:

Once you have the layout loaded in TouchOSC, you then need to do the following:

  1. Enable a MIDI connection (via USB cable or WiFi) between TouchOSC and your computer using the free TouchOSC Bridge app. Instructions for this are here.
  2. Open Traktor, go to ‘Preferences’, then ‘Controller Manager’. Click the ‘Import’ button near the bottom of the Preferences window, then browse for the TSI file you’ve just downloaded. Make sure you leave all the options checked on the pop-up window that appears or the layout may not work correctly. This will load FOUR individual TSI pages into Traktor. Ensure that the In-Port and Out-Port on each of the four TSIs are set to TouchOSC Bridge. As long as you already have TouchOSC Bridge running, the ports should already be set by default.

    Warning! Importing this mapping will overwrite any custom mappings you may already have loaded. Please ensure you have these backed up before you import. You can re-import each of your custom mappings individually afterwards by clicking Add Import TSI.

  3. Once you have the layout loaded in TouchOSC and the TSI file in Traktor, press the any of the FX Unit Select tabs on the layout once to load the MIDI feedback LEDs.


Please refer to the video at the top of the page for usage instructions.

System Requirements

  • TouchOSC running on an iOS / Android device (10″+ screen recommended). Note this layout will not work on the original TouchOSC Mk1.
  • Traktor Pro 3 (or any older version from v2.6 upwards) for Mac / PC.
  • TouchOSC Bridge for Mac / PC.
  • A connection from your iOS / Android device to your computer (USB or WiFi).